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The Training Path

If you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it will bring you much quicker to your goal. Then you can become your own teacher, as you are anyway. Our Philosophy When we look for better movement, we need to think about balance. That is what our body is. A system of […]

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Food: The Big Complicated Issue, Or Not?

Ok, first things first.We are not, or do not claim to be nutritionists or dieticians. (Good ones are hard to find). We speak from experience both from 20 years of training clients and self taught lessons. I do find it amusing when people are telling me of a certain supplement that they are taking that […]

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Natural Movement and Play

Learn to move your body again and ENJOY moving. Gym training albeit essential can be quite boring. Such a structure of sets, reps and weight isn’t the ONLY way to exercise. It is one part. With the NATURAL MOVEMENT CLASS we want to put the enjoyment and freedom back into exercising. We don’t ask our […]

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