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Food: The Big Complicated Issue, Or Not?

Ok, first things first.We are not, or do not claim to be nutritionists or dieticians. (Good ones are hard to find). We speak from experience both from 20 years of training clients and self taught lessons.

I do find it amusing when people are telling me of a certain supplement that they are taking that is now working for fat loss, or they have lost 2 pounds drinking the steam from steam from boiled Canadian Wild Pineapple Leaves or some other crazy crap. Don`t for about what type of vitamin C tablet your are taking , if you are eating a diet full of refined foods for instance. Get the simple stuff right. For most, the focus on intricate, quirky points like weighting food etc is an overall avoidance of the basic idea.

The main idea here is to maintain simplicity.

I use the chart below, not to enforce the Paleo Diet as a regime but more to highlight the general differences. If, for instance your diet is made up 85-90% of the time from the column on the left, then you will tend to do ok. If there is more from the column on the right, you are sliding towards the modern trend of fast food. (Which, by the way doesnt mean chip shop, but just the packaged refined gunk that we are now faced with everytime we shop.)

Basics for Health & Fat Loss

Here are the basics. And please, come up with solutions, not excuses.

The first response is usually; `So i cant eat….?`

Do not eat packaged items.

Do not eat items with more than 5 ingredients.

Keep fruit more minimum (1 per day, especially if looking for fat loss)

Break the `idea` (because that is all it is) that you can only eat certain foods at certain times of the day.

Eat more protein.

Drink 1-2 litres of water a day. You dont require a hip flask.

Enjoy being hungry, its not a disease. Most people looking to lose weight often comment ` So what will I eat if I get hungry between meals?`Nothing, you are probably not going to die. Also you are (or should be) a responsible adult which means if you think you are going to faint, have a little piece of fruit.

Do NOT drink calories. Water, coffee, tea are fine.

Now that you are an intelligent grown up, please take responsibility and feed yourself nutritious food. And stop making excuses and feeling sorry for yourself if you are fat.


Timothy Ferriss author of The Four Hour Body, The Four Hour Workweek and The Four Hour Chef which everyone can take some thing from, after years of research recommended the following main principles for fat loss. Attached is a picture from page 72 of The Four Hour Body which I strongly recommend you read.

This was his simplistic food for losing fat fast. His exercise…Kettlebell swings, nothing else.

One Final Tip

Write down your food in a journal.

Write down your training in a journal. (Yes a notebook, not on a device)

Weigh in once per week at same time.

Keep your workouts SHORT and INTENSE. (Short is less then 15 min, Long is more than that)

Wonder why 1-2 hour session people are not ripped and sprinters are? Increase your metabolic turnover. watch any recreational marathoner pick up injuries, get stiff and usually GAIN a few pounds training for an event.

Be smart. Train specific and short with focus in mind.

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