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Natural Movement and Play

Learn to move your body again and ENJOY moving. Gym training albeit essential can be quite boring. Such a structure of sets, reps and weight isn’t the ONLY way to exercise. It is one part. With the NATURAL MOVEMENT CLASS we want to put the enjoyment and freedom back into exercising.

We don’t ask our kids to `exercise`, can you imagine what they would say to us? No, we tell them to go and play, and they get more exercise than you could ever get, They climb, run, sprint, crawl, fall, wrestle, jump, play ball, cycle, swim. But you never have to say `Do 20 minutes play now and do it 4 times a week`. It is not prescribed.

The clue is, they love it because its unpredictable, and it makes them feel good. So if we fix sloppy posture, get stronger and gain some mobility, we can do PLAY too.

Do the things you NEED to do. Then do things you ENJOY.

Exercise you enjoy doing is easy, so you will do it because you LIKE it.

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