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Running the Natural Way – Using your Biomechanical Advantage

Lets face it. Running is just a natural human movement right? Runners just run, right? You want to run so you by some running shoes and off you go. Alas, the inevitable happens. `My knees are sore from running`.

`My calves get so tight`
`I always get a stitch`
`My hip/groin gets sore on runs`

You are a natural born runner.

Well perhaps you were. Possibly you still are?!

We were designed to run. As bipeds we are very good at it. Maybe not the fastest creatures on the planet, but we can keep going. We have a big advantage over almost every animal on the planet. We can lose heat (sweat) and breath on the move. Its in our DNA. So are the natural mechanics of running. Strong (well they were) glute and hip muscles for balance and driving force, strong thighs and planter fascia for absorbing force.

The trouble is, our glute and hip function isn’t what it was. Neither is our natural spring system which can take many, many hours of repeated force return. Now with these not working, we sit for 5-8 hours so everything is really switched off, then we put on trainers with very large cushions (further dulling our springs) and causing a biomechanical change in our stride, and then set off out the door to `burn some calories`or to increase milage and/or speed. Then maybe soon, maybe later, it starts. The back, the knees, the calves, the hamstrings etc, etc, etc.

Please, don’t blame the running. Don’t really blame yourself either for that matter. There is too much information out there and can be pretty hard to know what is real or what is utter useless.

We aim to inform you of what the basics of the `natural running method` is.

If its something worth doing, is worth doing right !!!

Our Natural Running course will help to teach you the SKILL application of the run.

These are available on the UPCOMING EVENTS page.

Me after 22 hours, 102km of trails in the Alps. Definitely not making a speed to write home about but still able to fully rest in the squatting position in aid stations. No aches or pains after 2 days is the sign of a body that functions well.

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