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The Training Path

If you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it will bring you much quicker to your goal. Then you can become your own teacher, as you are anyway.

Our Philosophy

When we look for better movement, we need to think about balance. That is what our body is. A system of systems. In our case a system of elastic (and not so elastic) components. Most of our deficits (injuries, symptoms) come from these systems being held in imbalance over time and hence causing wear on other structures which are not fully intended for such load. Rebalancing is the key. What does it mean? Well it can mean strengthening a said linkage, stretching or creating length or release of another until better movement becomes available .

The Spine…where it all begins

And old Chinese proverb states `You are as old as your spine`. *(Ido Portal of late)

Think of the spine as being the centre of your body , because it is! Small imbalances here can cause a ripple effect of compensation throughout the entire body. When people talk about hips, knees, ankles, shoulders…these are all extensions of your centre. If the centre is bad, what business have you dealing with extremities, do you really think it will create positive and lasting change? Because we are living in a time of here and now we want instant fix, there is none. Let us think of turning off the tap before dealing with the wet floor. Some of this `external` work we like to do (as it is easier and requires less mental energy) is the mopping of the floor. I might mop the floor myself in time but I will focus my primary efforts on stopping the sink filling FIRST!

We were born with endless mobility

Lying in the cot we could do it all, feet in mouth, twisting rotation, splits etc. Then we developed stability of the joints, then when all that was done, finally we developed strength.

What do we do now? We go to the gym with limited movement, little true stability (stand in one leg with eyes closed for 15 sec each/put both arms overhead against the wall while still having your ENTIRE spine on the wall) , and push on the strength button really hard. And then we are wondering why we get injuries. Regress, then progress.

Control the centre, control the extremity

First in each case mobility first, if required, then stability, then strength.

Spine-Pelvic/Hip-Thoracic Spine These are the essential 3 areas.

If these are functioning correctly and integrated, you will have a lot less issues.

If the spine demonstrates optimum mobility, Then we can pattern the pelvis to work with it in order to create lifelike movements. deadlift, squat down etc. A functional pelvis keeps event force displacement over the major joints involved, namely the lumbar area, the knees, and down to the ankles. Most knee issues we see aren’t knee issues at all. They are crappy hip function which have allowed too much overload through the knee joints hence they wear well before their time.

Likewise in the upper, if spinal function is optimum, we can demonstrate good T-spine function, from there to good shoulder stability, which allows full elbow mobility, and wrist function.

This is the path we take and why we screen and assess and why your programs will be based on your FMS screen and will immediately challenge your weaknesses. So your priority, is to create balance. A well balanced body is a well functioning body. Get balanced, reduce pain, perform better, THEN, move more. World renowned Physical Therapist Gray Cook sums it up well…`First move well, Then move often`.

The Plan

In order to restore and promote good human function we will prescribe you with corrective exercise post screening. These correctives are designed to take you to the main 3 drills which are the mainstay of human strength and function.

1. Chop/Lift
2. Turkish Get Up
3. Deadlift

Do not expect these drills to be a walk in the park. Most people will find these hard as they actually have to pay attention.To become a master of your own body you must have control. If you do only what you LIKE to do, your strengths will get stronger and weaknesses weaker. Please don’t be that idiot. Gyms are full of them. Make a difference.

Opening The Next Chapter

Once the Chop/Lift, TGU and Deadlift can be mastered and you demonstrate good control and progression in these we will move you into the main upper/lower strength drills such as: squat double and single leg, push, pull, and almost any other body capable drill. From here if you wish to undertake a fet loss or a conditioning program we will introduce so Calinstethics and Kettlebell work.

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