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For bookings contact Emer by REGULAR TEXT MESSAGE on  087 922 6750 or email us at

ONE TO ONE – €70

We always look to complete a full movement assessment or screening in the first session. This enables us to see what is most needed as you start training.

It is recommended to book a follow up session for 2 weeks after the initial session. Most training will be updated on the app which you can be personalised and downloaded to your mobile device.


These sessions can be paid at the counter by Cash or Card

MINI GROUP – €120 (1 group session per week)

Once you have a designed program that you have started, you can choose to join a mini group. You will train with a small group, each working on your own routine while being supervised. These are booked on a four week slot, ie: Tuesday morning at 9am for 4 consecutive weeks. After this we can complete another one to one and then decide that you will work on your own, or continue with a mini group.

The choice is entirely yours we can only offer you our advise on what we think you would do best with. The maximum mini group you can do is 2 per week. Any more than this and you will not `own` the drills you are doing but simple rely on us to be constantly telling, correcting you.

Mini Group can be paid monthly €120 p/m and we accept cash or credit/debit card. Note: a 4 week booking will run for 4 consecutive weeks so make sure you can commit.